Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kuala Lumpur's Little India

With the KL Tower behind me, I walked down this road looking for Chinatown.

But I wound up in Little India instead, and stumbled upon a shop with a stellar display of Indian sweets. I couldn't resist even if it was 11 in the morning.

Indian sweets come in all shapes and sizes, and this teeny, doughnut-like one caught my eye. It somehow was a perfect blend of dense but flaky; syrupy sweetness without overcoating my mouth. Little India, and Kuala Lumpur in general was a great wonder of outdoor food stands for every possible food imaginable.

From grilled fishes... (that I did not try)... fresh waffles...

...that I did try, with strawberry jam folded inside.

I have awful childhood memories of my mom making homemade Belgian waffles with one of those fancy wafflemakers. Yeah, you read that right. I said, awful childhood memories of a mother making what's supposed to be delicious breakfast foodstuffs for you from scratch. I don't know why but the smell when I woke up in the morning always made me nauseous as a kid. So to this day, I have a strange phobia when it comes to waffles. Every time someone has them, I do try a little bit, just to check and I actually have had no bad experiences with waffles since I was a kid. So I may actually start to enjoy them without hesitation in the next few months. I can feel it coming.

After all, I liked this waffle on KL's streets and ordered it by my own brave self.

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