Friday, March 19, 2010

Malay curry laksa!!

I don't try to pretend that I know all the flavours, cuisines, cooking methods, restaurants, cultures, people of the world. All I know is what I like and what I don't. And I like curry laksa. Correction: I love it. Funny, because the only time I ever had it was in Kuala Lumpur.
It was a couple of stalls down from where I had my chicken noodle soup breakfast. I ordered laksa, thinking it was something else actually. What it is essentially is noodles in a spicy curry broth with chicken, fried tofu, cockles (i.e. little clams) and lots of cilantro (or at least I prefer lots of cilantro!). I'm sure there are tons of variations but this is very Malaysian-style. Two noodle soups in one very hot and humid day. I felt really Asian.

I also had curry laksa in Singapore later on, where apparently the style there is to use a lot of coconut milk so the broth is whiter and ... um, milkier, and sweeter, which I did not like.


yasmin said...

i've only had laksa at sweet lulu--how sad! but it still liked it--where else can we get it here?? that's where we should go when we go out with A!!

in the meantime, spiked ramen soup with curry powder and sriracha sauce will have to do!

Heather Li said...

I did a little digging and Matahari Bar & Grill on Baldwin in Kensington is supposed to be pretty authentic. Will have to keep a mental note of that.

Eleanor Hoh said...

Laksa is my all-time favorite. I make it without coconut milk and my sis begs me to make it for her when she visits. My mom was born in S'pore, so brought up eating tons of Malaysian food. Love it. Last few years, we had family reunions in Penang and S'pore, we did nothing but eat!