Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summertime Eating

I'm losing interest in eating out. My friend said it's probably because it's summertime, and it's difficult to eat heavy, rich meals during summer, which is obvious and true.

All I have a taste for these days is crisp, crunchy cold vegetables, and sweet, tart, fleshy fruits.

I've eaten at a number of higher-end upscale restaurants since returning from Asia (Nota Bene, Ruby Watch Co., Splendido), and I've noticed my taste for food is very different now. I know this is going to sound so pretentious but I feel like my palette and knowledge of food is so high now that "fancy" food will inevitably always be flawed. Because what I want is freshness altered slightly to my taste (i.e. salt, pepper, maybe a little of olive oil or lemon).

My sister said to me a couple of summers ago that she's tired of food. All she wants is to grow the perfect tomato and eat it. I thought at the time she was crazy.

Now all I want to do is grow the perfect tomato and eat it.

I will probably continue to eat out, just because it's the most social activity I do but I know the food experience is different for me now. I don't think my interest in eating out is gone forever, but it's definitely on pause at the moment.


Melissa said...

I definitely went on a similar hiatus post-trip to Asia a few months ago. Nothing I ate back home was satisfying...or maybe I just ate too much during the trip? Anyway, once winter hits you'll just want to sit and eat all day...

yasmin said...

i'm a little scared to admit it, but i'm sort of feeling the same way too. for me, it's not summer or a returning from a trip, it's not wanting to deal with some of the bullshit. i just want to grow the perfect tomato, and eat it at my friends house around the table with everyone and have nice wine.

Heather Li said...

I know what you mean about not wanting to deal with some of the bullshit. That's some of it for me too. And just, the general restaurant experience doesn't thrill me the way it used to.