Monday, September 21, 2009

NY Labour Day Weekend Saga: Chelsea Market & Amy's Bread

Friday Breakfast: Chelsea Market, Amy's Bread (75 9th Avenue,
Upon 9 a.m. arrival, after dropping our bags off at the Upper West Side hostel and changing, my first choice place to go to was Chelsea Market, where they film Iron Chef America. Somehow I thought I would stumble across Kitchen Stadium and Bobby Flay, or even Alton Brown -- hell, I ran into and chatted up Kevin Brauch at The Drake Hotel once -- but I settled on tomato foccaccia from Amy's Bread instead. After a 12-hour overnight bus ride, it was the best US$2.25 R&R ever.

Chelsea Market itself was very cool with lots of posh bakeries, a high-end milkshake shop, a seafood-focused grocery store and plenty of tables for enjoying a cup of coffee -- but it was all practically empty. Maybe because it was 10 a.m. on a Friday of a long weekend?

I guess I'll never know. While it was fun to check out, I have no pressing need to return next time I'm in Manhattan. Unless, of course, I land a spot on the judges' table for Iron Chef!


Anonymous said...

I hope you also picked up a Fat Witch Brownie or 12. They are so good! In fact, Fat Witch is what took me to the Chelsea Market for the first time years ago.

Heather Li said...

No, I didn't. :(

But I will live vicariously through my best friend and let her know, as she's visiting NY next week with her fam and they are big food lovers too. :)