Tuesday, May 12, 2009


5200 Dixie Rd.
Mississauga, ON
(905) 625-1852
Date visited: Saturday May 9, 2009
Mains $10-30, sushi/sashimi dinners $13-30, maki $4-17

Fresh, buttery, nice cuts of sushi for nagiri, which was really well-prepared. Plus, best California roll I ever had. Actually had flavour in it as opposed to other flimsy California rolls I normally experience. Tempura banana with green tea ice cream for dessert. Served black sesame ice cream that looks like charcoal but tastes exactly of black sesame. Despite what the server said that the sesame ice cream and tempura banana wouldn't go together, it really would have. The savoury taste of the ice cream would have perfectly complemented the sweetness and slight crunch of the banana.

Overall, extremely impressed that there is excellent quality sushi in a Toronto suburbia. Probably the best place I've had sushi in Toronto ever...! A bit more expensive than other run-of-the-mill Japanese places, but worth it.

Rating (out of five stars): ***1/2

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