Monday, April 20, 2009


723 Chestnut St.
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 413-9070
Head Chef: Masaharu Morimoto
Date visited: Friday April 10, 2009
Average prices (USD): Apps $16-30; mains $20-50; sushi/sashimi/maki $8-16; omakase $80, 100 or 120

Huge modern space of soft wood, high ceilings, plastic dividers that glowed different colours, white leather chairs and a small open sushi kitchen in the back with a bar for seating. Service was nearly flawless. Waiter knew the menu superbly, always checked in to see how we were enjoying our orders and very accommodating (picked up Amber's cellphone for her from awkward place; offered to take a photo of us with Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto; gave us edamame on the house when our sushi order was delayed). Couldn't believe Morimoto was actually there. He was working the front room a bit. Talked with us for a bit and took pictures. Later, bowed when I complimented him on the black cod, and put flowers in our hair!

Dinner was delicious. Only disappointment, the cocktails - white pear for Amber, cilantro gimlet for me. Started with black cod miso. Broiled and it was buttery, slightly sweet and extremely moist. Then had $50 chef's combination of sushi, and two maki rolls. All fishes were delightfully super fresh and pure tasting. Sushi rice was plump and finely made. Nagiri was the best. Maki rolls were okay. For dessert, a yuzu meringue tart with diced mango in a raspberry sauce for garnish. Perfect sweetness combined with citrus. Meringue was light, smooth and creamy. Everything so beautifully presented. Would definitely return if I had the chance.

Rating out of five stars: ****1/2

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yasmin said...

omg i love MM (re. iron chef) and it's so cool that you can take a pic with him! glad the resto lived up to the standards i've made up in my head :)