Tuesday, March 18, 2008

TTC may have "improved" their services, but not their basic cleanliness.

The Toronto Star's TTC Fixer had a 6-part series on the general cleanliness and maintenance of the subway stations. I logged my complaint and it was published on the Star's online site:
When you walk down on to the first level of the Finch subway station to get to the trains from the bus platforms, there has been a "DANGER - DO NOT ENTER" sign around about a one square metre area that seems to be leaking (or dripping) dirty water. I don't even really know because I'm too scared to peer over the sign and see how really disgusting it is. I swear this sign has been around for months. And instead of it being cleared away, the gated area has been EXTENDED all the way to the wall. So now instead of two narrow pathways around the damn thing, pedestrian traffic is forced to flow to only one side of the walkway. I know everyone who uses this station on a regular basis is probably just as annoyed and frustrated as I am on seeing this thing day after day, slowing down my way to get to the trains and buses.

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